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07 October, 2019

I took an early train and arrived in Girona at 8:15am. Feeling dusty, I...


Amsterdam to Paris - Day 3

16 September, 2019

After the longest leg from the previous day, we decided to treat ourselves with...

Amsterdam to Paris – Day 2

15 September, 2019

Ian and I departed for Saint Quentin on the second day. The distance we...

Amsterdam to Paris – Day 1

14 September, 2019

This being my first time in Europe, I didn't want to leave without doing...

united states

Dirty Kanza 100 Weekend

01 June, 2019

Dirty Kanza returned for 2019! Knowing I’ll be in the same continent around June,...

Alpine, New Jersey

07 May, 2019

A group ride organised by Tiffany Tu to Piermont. This was the complete opposite...

Tour of the Walking Dead

21 April, 2018

During my first week of employment at Wahoo Fitness, I went over to Atlanta,...


Chapter 2 Taiwan Travel: Day 3

08 April, 2019

The final day of the trip came faster than I anticipated. Time certainly flies...

Chapter 2 Taiwan Travel: Day 2

07 April, 2019

We had a lot of elevation to cover for day 2 so we departed...

Chapter 2 Taiwan Travel: Day 1

06 April, 2019

The week I arrived in Taiwan in January, a Facebook Event from Yao Bike...

What goes up must come down

23 January, 2019

After a long day of climbing the previous day, a long descent down to...

Upwards to the Station Above the Clouds

22 January, 2019

A wholesome family roadtrip to the top of Alishan. The folks drove while I...

New Zealand

Hunua Overnighter

02 November, 2018

There's nothing quite like the feeling of exploring on two wheels. The joy of...

Turoa: NZ’s only HC climb

25 March, 2018

After an ultimately great 180km ride on our previous day, we’re ready to climb...

Ohakune Weekend

24 March, 2018

The Ohakune weekend Stage 1 was upon us. We’d all managed to navigate our...

Wellington to Auckland: Mission Aborted

25 February, 2018

Why catch a plane when you can ride 900k from Wellington to Auckland? This...

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